Turnigy 420 Balancer/Charger 2S~4S

Turnigy 420 Balancer/Charger 2S~4S
Kód zboží: HX033-lk
Produktové číslo: 753-67-568
Výrobce: Turnigy

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The Turnigy 420 is a simple and easy to use balance charger which can handle 2 to 4 cells and charge at a rate of 2A.
With an input voltage of around 12v you will be able to use wall adapters or a car battery to power this unit.
The 420 will also show you battery percentage full during charge.
You wont need any complicated wire systems to use this charger. Just plug in the balance plug, set the desired charge rate and youre done!
A very easy to use and robust system!

Operating voltage range: 11.0~18.0Volt
Charge current range: 0.5A~2.0A
Lithium bettery cell count: 2 to 4S
Weight: 356g
Dimensions: 133X83X35mm

This charger charges via the balance plug which is a JST-XH style. All Zippy and Rhino batteries will fit.

Note: Power supply not included.
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