Hobbyking PS35 DC Power Supply for Chargers 35A (350W)

Hobbyking PS35 DC Power Supply for Chargers 35A (350W)
Kód zboží: YZ367-r0
Produktové číslo: 409-89-896
Výrobce: HobbyKing

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An excellent solution for power hungry chargers.

The Hobbyking PS35 can supply a constant 25A at 14v (Max 350w), making it a perfect power supply for
larger chargers such as the HobbyKing ECO6-10 200W or Turnigy A-6-10 200W. Alternatively it can power
2 to 3 smaller chargers at once!

Even if you dont charge at high rates, having a solid power supply like this will ensure the charger
is supplied with a good constant current, helping it to balance cells and operate efficently.

The charger will suit 180-240v 50-60Hz home power points.
The plug uses a common PC Power supply type socket, so it will be easy to source a local power cord,
or an adapter for the plug used in your country.

Input: 180 ~ 240V
Output: 14V @ 25A constant
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