TBS Mini Programmable Soundunit

TBS Mini Programmable Soundunit
Kód zboží: QV840-qm
Produktové číslo: 449-13-369
Výrobce: HobbyKing

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This soundunit is developed specially for electric powered airplanes.
And is programmable to provide a huge range of realistic engine,
machine gun, landing and other mechanical noises.
It is a further devolpment of the proven TBS Micro.

Fully customer programmable.
Large sound library of original recordings (f.e. Corsair, ME109, Spitfire, Cessna, dif. Trucks) Sound quality 22KHz
16Mbit Soundmemory, enough for 93s of soundrecordings
Internal 1,2W amplifier at 8 Ohm speakers
Up to 6 electronic switching outputs
-activated by sound (f.e. Muzzle flashing with MG sound) or independant operation
- permanent, momentary or flashing mode adjustable
- direction flashing
Two digital inputs for triggering sounds by a external signal
(f.e. Screaming tires at touch down, triggered by a switch)
Two servo signal outputs, f.e. for retractable landing gears
All connections made by plugs, no solderwork necessary
Receiver signals are used for speed information, this allows brushless or DC Motor usage
Fully assembeled in SMD technology (no heavy, vibration sensitive components)
All wires included
Small and light
USB or RS232 programing interface by external adaptor (optional)
Can be fully configured with free PC software: Download from the files Tab below
- you can make your own sound creation or use the original Benedini sounds
-Firmware update, your unit can be updated by your own with the latest software
Plays two sounds simultaneously (engine plus a special sound) from TBS Flash Ver. on

Supplyrange: 3.5~12V (from receiver)
Internal amplifier: 1.2W at 8 Ohm and 5V supply
Switching outputs: Minus switching, max. 12V/0.5A each
Dimensions: 55x25x10mm
Weight: 6g

Note: Extension wire shown in the photo not included.
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