Y-3 Fiberglass Tri-Copter Frame (KIT)

Y-3 Fiberglass Tri-Copter Frame (KIT)
Kód zboží: GR650-87
Produktové číslo: 450-44-753
Výrobce: HobbyKing

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Looking for something new in the multi-rotor world? Well here it is!

Just when you thought that all multi-rotor frames looked the same...the Y-3 appeared on the
scene and is breaking all the rules! Featuring fiberglass construction with ply reinforcement, the
Y-3 is super rigid yet lightweight. Its high gloss paint job is impressive to look at making it really
stand out in the air.

This is the first fiberglass Y-3 multi-rotor frame on the market today and is very unique. It will
be sure to turn heads at your local flying site. It even features mounting grooves for LED light
strips on top and bottom, making it perfect to setup for night flying as well!

The Y-3 arrives in KIT form with all required hardware included. You will simply need to add
your own brushless motors/ESCs, multi-rotor control board, micro tail servo and lipoly battery.
The Y-3 is mostly pre-built making it quick and easy to get in the air.

• Unique full-body fiberglass construction
• Beautiful high gloss paint job
• Full body design makes for easy orientation while flying
• All metal pivot tail motor mount
• LED strip mounting grooves

Width: 525mm(motor shaft center to center between front arms)
Length: 550mm
Frame weight: 460g(w/out electronics)
Flying weight: 900~950g(w/out battery)

28-XX brushless outrunner motor x 3
25~40A brushless ESC x 3
High speed micro servo for the tail x 1
8x4~10x4.7 propeller x 3 (2 standard/1 reverse rotation)
Multi-rotor control board
2200mAh 3S lipoly battery
4CH transmitter and receiver
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