RotorBits TriCopter Kit With Modular Assembly System (KIT)

RotorBits TriCopter Kit With Modular Assembly System (KIT)
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Výrobce: HobbyKing

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Just because you may have outgrown your Legos and Erector sets does not mean the fun has to stop. Introducing RotorBits, the modular construction set of endless possibilities. Based on the idea of standardized connections and dimensions, the only limit to what can be built is your imagination.

The RotorBits Tri-Copter is an ingenious adaptation of the RotorBits modular parts, to create a unique simplistic take on the much loved and great flying tri-copter. One of the unique Bits used in the Tri-copter, is the gear meshed tilt mechanism. The tilt mechanism takes the previously complex motor tilt assembly and simplifies it down to just two gears and a servo. The modular tilt unit can just slip on to any RotorBits 10mm shaft. The brightly colored TRI center plate has 45x45mm integrated mounting posts for the flight controller and various provisions for adapting other accessories and bits. The landing skids have a zip-tie breakaway design and moon lander rounded cup feet for ground skimming fun. The simplistic modular idea makes assembly a snap, bringing fun back to a sometimes over complex idea.

RotorBits components can be interchanged between multiple projects, allowing you to mix and match to your hearts content! As your collection of Bits grows and concepts evolve, youll find that the possibilities are endless. Who knows what youll come up with next! RotorBits is an idea that can never be outdated, only reconfigured.

• Modular slip together construction • Durable glass filled nylon and carbon part • Light weight • Adaptable and reusable RotorBits parts • Gear driven tilt rotor
Height: 155mm
Weight: 258g
Wheelbase or size: 555mm

RotorBits Included:
3 x Carbon spars
3 x Landing feet
3 x Landing legs
1 x Tri center mount
2 x DST motor mounts
1 x Tilt servo motor mount
1 x Bag of assembly fasteners and zip ties

3 x DST-1200kv or comparable motor
3 x 20A multi-rotor ESCs
1 x 9g servo
3 x 10inch props 2 cw 1 ccw
1 x Flight controller
1 x 1500~2200mah 3s 11.1V lipoly battery
1 x 5ch Radio system
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