US-M4A3 Sherman Medium RC Tank RTR w/ Tx

US-M4A3 Sherman Medium RC Tank RTR w/ Tx
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The M4 Sherman, formally Medium Tank, M4, was the primary tank used by the United States during World War II.
It was also distributed to the Allies via lend-lease.
Evolved from previous medium and light tanks, it was the first
American medium tank with the main gun mounted on a fully traversing turret.

Production of the M4 medium tank exceeded 50,000 units and its chassis served as the basis
for numerous other armored vehicles such as tank destroyers, tank retrievers, and self-propelled artillery.
In the United Kingdom the M4 was given the name Sherman after Union General William Tecumseh Sherman,
following the British practice of naming their American-built tanks after famous American Civil War generals.
Subsequently the British name found its way into common use in the U.S.

The tanks turret rotates 320 degrees, and the barrel can move 30 degrees.
The tracks run on spring wheels just like the real tank to enable the US-M4A3 Sherman to clear obstacles
and travel up steep inclines easily.

There are many sound and feature adjustments and the radio can control all functions without
the need for multiple buttons. This helps the user to quickly control the tank in battle situations.

Included with the US-M4A3 Sherman is a 4.8v NiCd pack, charger, radio system and all accessories.

Type: US-M4A3 Sherman Medium battle Tank.
Firing Mechanism: Nil
Weight: 370g
Speed: Scale 50kmh
Length: 220mm
Width: 100mm
Height: 100mm

US-M4A3 Sherman Tank
Radio Controller & battery
4.8v Ni-Cd battery pack




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