Multimedia Battle Tank With Streaming Video and Night Vision Wi-Fi

Multimedia Battle Tank With Streaming Video and Night Vision Wi-Fi
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Produktové číslo: 563-86-964
Výrobce: HobbyKing

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The FunInterX App controlled Tank can only really be described as a remote controlled multimedia device, controlled via an IOS or Android device with 2 App s available from the iTunes or Play store. The Tank can take photos, Broadcast voice audio as a remote megaphone, Stream music, Send live video and audio to your IOS screen with Pan Tilt control and night vision mode, Video recording…. And of course Combat mode with up to 6 other tanks!! The App has a simple and intuitive user interface for driving and operating the various functions of the tank, Even Q would be proud of, minus the self-destruct option of course!

The Multimedia Tank can be used for anything from home inspection and recon to spinning around on the dance floor streaming music while taking pictures of the GoGo action! Followed up with an FPV battle with your buddies the next morning! It s time to take your tech savvy friends Xbox away and get them into real world action!!!

  • Wi-Fi connection to IOS or Android devices
  • Camera tilt angle controlled remotely
  • Real-time video Transmission 640x480
  • Night vision
  • Photo taking and stored on your IOS Library
  • Replaceable Horn sounds and self-recorded sounds
  • Built in mic and speaker for 2-way real-time communication
  • Combat mode for up to 6 tanks among 3 teams in one battle
  • Speed adjustment and volume control
  • Video recording stored on you IOS library *
  • Streaming Music from you ITunes library *

IOS device such as iPhone/iPOD Touch or iPad or Android
App from the iTunes and Play store “Probefun”(free) or * “ProbeFunplus” (.99c) for additional functions noted by asterisks
8 AA Batteries
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