Turnigy Smart6 80W 7A Balance Charger with Graph Screen

Turnigy Smart6 80W 7A Balance Charger with Graph Screen
Kód zboží: OC726-2r
Produktové číslo: 753-28-880
Výrobce: Turnigy

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The Turnigy Smart6 will handle LiPo/LiFe up to 6S and NiMH/NiCd up to 17S with a charge rate up to 7amp.
The Smart6 also offers unique functions usually found in much more expensive equipment.
The LCD screen shows an amps/volts graph throughout the charge/discharge process giving you easy to read, realtime data.
Also shown are individual cell voltage during charge with realtime updates throughout the charge cycle.
There is also resistance display for checking the condition/performance of your packs, no more guesswork!

Charge/Discharge paremeters Graph Display
Adjustable cut-off for charge/discharge functions
Measures the internal resistance of your battery for perfromance checking
Microprocessor controlled
Delta-peak sensitivity (NiMH/NiCd)
Individual cell balancing
Li-ion, LiPo and LiFe capable
Ni-Cd and NiMH capable
7A Max charge current
Store function, allows safe storage current
Time limit function
Input voltage monitoring. (Protects car batteries at the field)
Data storage (Store 10 packs in memory)
Battery break in and cycling.

Input Voltage: 10~18V
Circuit power: Max Charge: 80W / Max Discharge: 5W
Charge Current Range: 0.1~7.0A
Discharge current range: 0.1~1.5A
Ni-MH/NiCd cells: 1~17
Li-ion/Poly cells: 1~6
Pb battery voltage: 2~20V
Weight: 255g
Dimensions: 135x80x25mm

This charger has built in JST-XH balance ports,
which makes it compatible with Flightmax, Turnigy, Rhino and any pack with a JST-XH adapter.
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