Turnigy MEGA 400Wx2 Battery Charger/Discharger (800W)

Turnigy MEGA 400Wx2 Battery Charger/Discharger (800W)
Kód zboží: OS755-5g
Produktové číslo: 753-98-343
Výrobce: Turnigy

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Tired of carrying two chargers to the field? Need serious charging power without the hassle of multiple chargers? Then the Turnigy Mega 400Wx2 is the charger you have been waiting for!

This charger features dual 400w outputs, that’s a total of 800w charging power! Each output is independent and 2 JST-XH balance boards have been included for balancing Li-XX batteries. It even features optional temperature sensing ports (sensors sold separately) which will monitor the battery temp during the charge process.

The Turnigy MEGA 400Wx2 alloy case has cooling holes on top and dual temperature controlled fans to keep the internal temps low. This is a powerful, well thought out dual charger at a great price!

Dual high power output 400Wx2 (800W total)
Supports Li-XX, Ni-XX and PB batteries
Store up to 10 battery setup memories
Nicely finished alloy casing
Large cooling holes on face of charger
Dual temperature controlled cooling fans
Wide input voltage range (12~18VDC)

Charging Output: 2 x 400w (800W Total)
Input Voltage: 12~18v DC
Charge Current Range: 0.1~20.0A
Discharge Current: 0.1~5.0A
Discharge Power: 2x25watt
Balance Current Drain: 200mAh/cell
Li-XX Cell Count: 1~6s
Ni-XX Cell Count: 1~15s
Pb Battery Voltage: 2~20v
Battery Setup Memories: 10
Intelligent Temp Control: Yes
Cooling: Dual Fan
Weight: 1211g
Dimensions: 200x140x55mm

2 x JST-XH balance boards
1 x Alligator clip charge lead
2 x 4mm bullet connector pig tails (custom fit your own connectors)
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