Turnigy RotoMax 1.40 Brushless Outrunner Motor

Turnigy RotoMax 1.40 Brushless Outrunner Motor
Kód zboží: DI958-a9
Produktové číslo: 775-59-354
Výrobce: RotoMax

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Upgrade your 1.40 size glow engine model with the Turnigy RotoMax 1.40 Brushless outrunner motor.
This motor will provide clean and efficient power for your large scale aircraft without the mess and hassle of nitro fuel.

When combined with a 10s Lipoly battery, 20x11" Propeller and a 120Amp ESC the RotoMax motor will supply punchy, responsive power that only an electric setup can provide.

This motor is suited for wooden, carbon and electric propellers, the shaft has also been tapped to suit a 4mm bolt to make fitting a spinner of your choice easy.

Battery: 8~10 Cell / 29.6~37V
RPM: 228kv
Max current: 75A
Watts: 2775w
No load current: 37V/1.25A
Internal resistance: 0.029 ohm
Weight: 715g
Diameter of shaft: 8mm
Suggested ESC: 120A 10S Compatible
Suggested Prop: 20x11 APC
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