5.8GHz Circular Polarized spiroNet Antenna

5.8GHz Circular Polarized spiroNet Antenna
Kód zboží: UC064-r4
Produktové číslo: 862-07-372
Výrobce: FatShark

množství: [ks] Cena (CZK) s DPH
1 1292.00



Hot of the press, literally, the ImmersionRC Circularly Polarized SpiroNet antennas are
without doubt the best replacement available for your stock whip antennas. Manufactured
to extremely high tolerances and 100% tested on a Rhode & Schwartz analyzer, these antennas
yield unparalleled results when compared to hand made variants or DIY antennas.

Right-hand circular polarization or (RHCP) have well and truly been established as the antenna
of choice for 5.8GHz FPV use and now you can enjoy the benefits without the head scratching
involved in making them yourself. The Antennas include standard SMA adapters suited to Fatshark
and ImmerssionRC Goggles and transmitters. The Hard case enclosure will ensure that your antennas
are never damaged or bent out of shape while handling or after a ruff landing while the flexible
cable ensures easy positioning for optimum performance. The flexible cable can be bent at a 90deg
angle and will retain its shape making it ideal for goggles with horizontal SMA outputs.

Clover (TX) weight: 7.7g
Skew (RX) Weight: 8.6g
Connector: SMA (Fatshark/ImmersionRC compatible)
Case size: 33.5m(w) 16mm(h)
Cable Length: 73mm(skew) 33.5mm(clover)
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