Wireless Buddy Box System 4CH (Dual RX Controller)

Wireless Buddy Box System 4CH (Dual RX Controller)
Kód zboží: GY388-i2q
Produktové číslo: 884-80-024
Výrobce: HobbyKing

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The Dual Reciever Unit is a wireless buddy box interface that can be used in a variety of ways and even
allows 2 different makes of Transmitter to be used in a Buddy configuration!

This has amazing advantages over the traditional system that has always required the master and slave
transmitter to be the same make and on top of that, you have to be connected to each other via an easy to
pop out short cable and in turn, the cable ends have to match......the Dual Reciever Controller
does away with all of that.

The Unit inter-connects 2 x 4 channel Recievers that do not have to be the same make and this in turn allows
JR Servo configuration to work with Futaba servo configuration and so on. As well as pilot training, this unit
can allow 2 x TX to control one model, this has many potential applications, for instance, for safe FPV flying,
this will allow your observer to take over the flight at the flick of a switch if need be.
The unit is small and light as well as simple and fast to set up and isnt much more expensive than many buddy leads!

Dimensions: 50x11x27.5mm
Weight: 8g
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